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Available Widgets

A list of included News Addons widgets follow:

  1. Grid - Columned posts. 1-6 columns available.
  2. List - Rows of posts. Image aside display.
  3. List Featured - Like the List widget, but has one featured post with a full-width image.
  4. Inline - Rows of posts. All post content is displayed inline.
  5. Poster - Poster. Usually used for a single post display. Post content is inside the image.
  6. Text - Post text only display.
  7. Ticker - Posts ticker. Can use 3 different displays to tick (scroll vertically).
    1. List
    2. Inline
    3. Text
  8. Carousel - Posts carousel. Categories on top and a scrolling posts feed.
  9. Slider - Posts slider. A slider widget with 5 different displays. Many advanced options.
    1. Grid
    2. List
    3. Inline
    4. Text
    5. Poster
  10. Tabs - Tabs of posts. Each tab will have its filtering settings. 4 different displays are available.
    1. Grid
    2. List
    3. Inline
    4. Text

That's a total of 19 unique widgets with full style and display options. With this feature set you'll be able to create unlimited possibilities of news elements for any WordPress/Elementor website.

Have fun!

Extra Widgets for Elementor News Addons