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The nav style tab lets you customize posts navigation styles and appearance on some elements like carousel, tabs or slider.


Button styles options are in this tab. Available options follow:

  1. Alignment - Align button text to left, center or right with this option.
  2. Color - Pagination button text color.
  3. Hover - Pagination button text hover color.
  4. Typography - To set font sizes and weights on pagination buttons use the typography option.
  5. Shadow - Text shadow is controlled with this option.
  6. Background - Set background color. Default is transparent.
  7. Hover - Set background hover color. Default is transparent.
  8. Border - Border of the pagination button. Default is no border.
  9. Border radius - Border radius is set with this option.
  10. Box shadow - This option styles the shadow.
  11. Margin - Margin controls.
  12. Padding - Padding controls.